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The PDMP Story

The PDMP Story

Health care is easy if you are in a cooperative. Members take charge of what they want and need to buy and from whom they will buy it. They pick the best doctors and the cooperative helps them get the best prices and services. Each member has a Patient Advocate to clear any obstacles to care when they want it and for fair and reasonable prices.

Most Members have told us they want:

 Primary Care Physicians

 Lab Facility

 Imaging Center

 Advance knowledge of fees and costs

 All types of medical specialists

 No co-pays or deductibles

 Protection against catastrophic expenses

 Patient Advocates when they are needed

 Telemedicine 24/7/365

 Roadside Assistance

 Discount Plans for Dental, Vision, & Pharmacy 

Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC), established in 2005, is a non-profit association. The Association gets fair prices for its members on health services and products. It is not insurance. Health Care and Fitness Providers work together to give PPC members access to affordable, basic health care and health club services through cooperation and mutual support. Direct Primary Care, Specialty Care, Discounts and Association Group Insurance are all included.

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Association Membership Benefits

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Discount Save from 15%-80% on prescription drugs through Drexi RX. Accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies. (plans 1-6)

Lab Testing

Lab Tests PDMP partners exclusively with Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL). The payment plan from these laboratories covers 100% of costs. Their retainer is included in the membership services of plans (1-6).

Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy PDMP will allow you peace of mind by providing Patient Advocacy to properly guide you through the system by mediating and negotiating reduced medical bills and expenses on your behalf. (plans 1-6)

Indemnity and Stop Loss Insurance

Indemnity and Stop Loss Insurance Provided to Association Members The Physician Association that contracts with PDMP purchases a stop loss policy from Partner’s Re that covers 90% medical and hospital expenses excess of $50,000 up to a maximum of $5,000,000. PDMP members may elect to be covered under that policy. Also, an indemnity policy from Pan American Life is included to cover hospital expenses, medical accident, accidental death and life insurance from 0 to $50,000. The details of the policy are in the Pan American state approved brochure.

Health Club & Sports Membership

Fitness, Exercise, and social activities improve the health of member and reduce the overall cost of health care.

Primay Care Physician ($0.00) Copay

Concierge Primary Care PDMP will establish a monthly payment plan with your selected primary care provider and imaging clinic so that there are no added charges when you use their services. (Plans 2 & 3)

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI, PET, Ultra-Sound and X-rays) on a monthly payment plan. (Plans 2 & 3)


Specialist Retainer Services PDMP will establish a monthly payment plan with up to eleven specialties that the member may need to see on a frequent basis because of certain health conditions: Cardiology. Gastroenterology, Hospitalist, Neurologist, Ophthalmology, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Pulmonology, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Urology. (Plans 3)

Many additional benefits are included in the Plans: Dental, Vision, Hearing, Durable Medical Equipment discounts nationwide (Plans 1-3)
24/7/365 Teladoc nationwide (included in Basic Membership (Plan 1)
24/7/365 Road Service nationwide (Plans 1-3)

Teladoc (no consulting fee)

Teladoc is a national network of U.S. board-certified physicians who use electronic health records, telephone consultations and online video consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment and write short-term, non-DEA controlled prescriptions, when appropriate. Teladoc physicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To be used for conditions such as:

Sinus Infections, Respiratory Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Allergies, Bronchitis, Cold or Flu

PDMP Multi-Specialty Group

PDMP Multi-Specialty group has extended hour primary care clinics in addition to the wide range of specialties. You can choose a TBT Coop Clinic for primary care and their PCP will see your either at your home or their clinic whichever location you prefer. Visits are by appointment, but you can be seen within two days. If you have only a basic membership the fee per visit is $100 in home and $75 in clinic. Specialist consults for patients with the basic membership are priced at Medicare plus 30% and are in the offices of the Specialist. Plans 3, 4, and 5 which are based on monthly direct retainer payment do not require and copayments at the time of visits.

Health Care Debit Card (HDC)

Healthcare Debit Card (HDC) is a healthcare saving account into which you may choose to deposit money to pay out of pocket health care expenses pre tax so that if you use services from providers not in the Network you will have money in hand to pay for them.

Available Plan Options!

Plans 1-3 Options (This is Not Insurance)

1. Basic Membership in PDMPIncludes:

PDMP Provider Network

Teladoc: Telemedicine Services

Patient Advocacy

Dental, Vision, DME, Towing


Monthly Cost:

NO Charge For the First (6) Months.
Beginning in the 7th Month - $10 Per Family Monthly

2. Concierge Plus: The Basic Membership (Plan 1) PLUS:

Labs from CPL

Primary Care Provider at $0 Copay

Diagnostic imaging from selected clinics at $0 Copay

Patient Advocacy (Bill Negotiator and Care Navigation from the Karis Group

Monthly Cost:

Primary Member ($115.00)
Spouse or Partner ($115.00)
Child ($80.00)

3. Concierge Elite Plans 1 & 2

Health Club REBATE of $20.00

Multi-Specialty Group Coverage at $0 Copay

Primary Care Provider at $0 Copay

Monthly Cost:

Primary Member ($200.00)
Spouse or Partner ($200.00)
Child ($115.00)

**All Plans are for a one-year terms. The rates reflect monthly retainer payments based on the annual Dues and Fees. Zero copay benefits are with designated participating providers only.

Buy-up options can be added to Concierge Plus, or Concierge Elite plans. The buy-up options below are association group insurance products that can be purchased in addition to the PDMP membership options. Association Group Insurance

4. Indemnity Coverage + Lump Sum Cancer

Project Manager of Senior Patient Association, Don McCormick and Bret Schulte

Policy Number 98210-02 In patient, First 20 days ($2,000) Each Day.

Intensive Care up to 10 Days ($4,000) Each Day.

Substance Abuse up to 10 Days ($1,000) Each Day.

Mental Illness up to 20 Days ($1,000) Each Day.

Skilled Nursing up to 17 days ($1,000) Each Day.

Inpatient Major Surgical Benefit ($3,000)

Inpatient Anesthesia Benefit ($750.00)

Outpatient Surgical Benefit ($1,500)

Outpatient Anesthesia ($375.00)

Outpatient Surgical Facility up to 2 days ($500.00) Each Day.

Out Patient Lab ($25.00) for 3 Days

Out Patient X-Ray ($70.00) for 2 Days

Out Patient Advanced Studies ($300.00) for 2 Days.

Emergency Room Sickness ($200.00) for 1 Day.

Medical Accident with ($100.00) Deductible up to ($2,500).

Group Term Life Member ($5,000) Spouse ($2,500) Children ($1250) Infant ($200)

Accidental Death or Dismemberment ($10,000)

Lump Sum Cancer Coverage Guaranteed up to ($25,000)

With a Benefit Face Amount of up to ($50,000)

Monthly Cost: ($96.00) Per Person or ($288.00) for 3 or More Family Member

5. Stop Loss Coverage

Policy Number 11835

Deductible ($50,000) Per Year

Co-insurance (10%)
Maximum Benefit ($5,000,000) Per Year

Monthly Cost: ($42.00) Per Person

6. PDMP Multi-Specialty Group, Elite Plan with Payroll Services!

Includes Plans 1 - 5 above
Plus Coverage of Coinsurance and Prescriptions Drugs!

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Upon completion email, our representatives will contact you with further details!

If you have any questions, feel free to call us! @ 866 373 8510

It's easy to work with us!

Many of the physician offices use the cooperative for their own employees. Your personal Patient Advocate will see that you get fair prices and the kinds of medical servies you need. The association group insurance has no pre-existing condition exclusions.



Primary Care Physicians


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